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What is You Can Do It Yoga for MS™?


  Let's start with what is yoga. Yoga is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. It is a practice of purifying the body and the mind so that we may function to our highest level of abilities in perfect harmony. The practice of the postures combined with breathing and mediation leaves the practitioner feeling rejuvenated and relaxed and with a sense of overall wellbeing. It has been proven to reduce stress and improve mental outlook.




You Can Do It Yoga for MS™

Yoga for MS is a specially designed yoga class by an instructor who has MS, for MS patients. All the benefits of yoga coincide with exactly what a person with MS needs; good mental outlook, a sense of wellbeing, getting in touch with your body, and helping to reduce stress.




 You Can Do It Yoga for MS™ is designed to address each persons symptoms and incorporate different postures and breathing for possible symptom relief.

We currently have two DVD's available, there are 2 classes on each DVD. Volume 1 has a seated class and a very gentle floor class.

Volume 2 has a beginner class and an intermediate class, both of these classes require some standing and balancing. Check out the samples of each below. To order, click on the Yoga Shop in the Navigation Bar at the left.